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Thread: 🐔Official ChickensCanFly Thread | L14 | Max Clan Games / Constant War | Free Gems 💎

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    🐔Official ChickensCanFly Thread | L14 | Max Clan Games / Constant War | Free Gems 💎

    ChickensCanFly is a chill and social clan (this doesn't mean we're not serious about winning wars and enforcing rules). We do back to back wars, starting between 11pm and 2am CST, but you're also welcome to come and farm. We always achieve the highest reward tier in clan games, usually within the first few days. Immature players don't last too long here, so if you're under, say, 16, you should look elsewhere. Feel free to request as many troops as you want, as long as you're also donating to others.

    If you'd like to know more about ChickensCanFly, read the rest of the thread for requirements, rules, guidelines, information about our monthly gem competition, and even an opportunity to win a free fishing charter in Panama City Beach, Florida!

    If you're interested in joining, check out my latest reply to this thread to see how many available spaces we have
    [Updated daily]

    Please read and understand all requirements, rules, and war guidelines before joining.

    For full details and more info, visit our website.
    To join us on Discord, ask for the link in clan chat.

    TIP: to increase your chances of being accepted, don’t just send the default join request message. Give some info about yourself, your playstyle, etc.


    • You must speak English fluently.
    • No rushed bases.
    • You must be Town Hall 9 or higher to join.
    • You must read all rules and war guidelines before requesting to join.
    • You must have a minimum of 200 war stars at Th9
      300 minimum for Th10
      500 minimum for Th11+.
    • Before participating in your first war, anyone with under 400 war stars must share a replay of their preferred war attack on an equal or higher level base in multiplayer, or demonstrate it in a friendly challenge. Please turn off your war preference until you have done this!
    • You must join our Discord server to participate in war. Ask for the Discord link in clan chat.
    • You must participate in at least two regular clan wars before joining CWL.
    • If you have no badge and 0:0 donations, you're risking the boot.


    • Keep your war preference up to date at all times. You can be in war as frequently or infrequently as you'd like, as long as you keep your war preference up to date.
    • Turn your war preference off if you have one or more heroes upgrading!
    • Always use both attacks in war.
    • Be respectful to other members.
    • Donate when you are able. Keep your donation ratio as balanced as possible.
    • On battle day, help fill troop requests asap.
    • Don't donate the wrong troops.
    • Hopping is strongly discouraged; stay loyal.
    • Follow the guidelines (below) when you are participating in war.
    • Do your best to contribute a minimum of 500 points to clan games.

    War Guidelines

    • Always attack below your mirror unless everything below is already taken care of.
    • It is strongly recommended to download the Discord app on your mobile device to increase your availability for important notifications.
    • Check in to clan chat and Discord during war; communicate.
    • Bottom players attack early. (Preferably within the first 16 hours of battle day)
    • If you're unsure about what base to attack or what army to use, ask.
    • Claim the bases you're planning on attacking ahead of time so that others don't waste their attacks.
    • Read any existing notes on the bases around your level. We use the notes for assigning certain members to attack, and for warnings / suggested strategies.
    • On preparation day, whoever can donate max troops should help fill war CCs.
    • It is recommended to add “for war” to your troop requests. If you see one of these requests, fill it ASAP.

    Clan War Leagues

    • In general, follow the war guidelines above.
    • Make sure your CWL preference is up to date before registration day starts. Use !cwl-join and !cwl-leave on Discord to turn your CWL preference on and off.
    • → Your in-app war preference is for regular clan wars only.
    • You can opt in and out of individual CWL wars using the Discord commands.
    • → Please update your preference for the next war as early as possible.
    • Your preference will be turned off when CWL week ends.
    • Ideally we should attack from the bottom-up.
    • Attack your mirror unless otherwise directed by war map notes.
    • Bonus medals will be given to the top performers of each town hall level.
    • You need to participate in at least two regular clan wars before joining CWL.


    • For more details on how to get promoted, visit our website.
    • Elder promotions are based on trust, activity, and war performance.
    • Co-leader promotions are based on the above factors, as well as additional maturity and leadership skills.

    Gem Competition
    Earn 1 entry in a monthly drawing for 1200 free gems every time you max out your clan games points!
    Increase your chances of winning by maxing out several clan games within a month!

    >List of Current Entries<


    • What is ClashTrack? It’s a website/app that utilizes the Clash of Clans API to provide useful account statistics as well as various helpful tools such as the Zapquake Calculator or the Attack Strategy Planner.
    • Joining the clan on ClashTrack is not required, but I recommend doing so to take advantage of the useful tools and statistics that they provide.

    If you’d like to join us on ClashTrack, ask for the password in clan chat.


    Join us, and discover
    the flight capability
    of chickens today:

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    5 spaces available

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    6 spaces available

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    Hi I'm interested to join into that clan. I'm TH8 and my ID is #YLRRQQCPU
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    4 spaces available

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    Hi I'm interested I have TH8 and my ID is #YLRRQQCPU

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    9 spaces available

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    FrozenPlasma why you ignoring me?

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    I saw you joined another clan. If you're still interested in CCF, you're welcome to join. We currently have 6 open spaces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenPlasma View Post
    I saw you joined another clan. If you're still interested in CCF, you're welcome to join. We currently have 6 open spaces.
    Hey are you only doing 5v5 attacks in war? and why?

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