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Thread: Canyon Creek ~ Come grow with us! 🌳🌾

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    Canyon Creek ~ Come grow with us! 🌳🌾

    White horse on brown circle.
    We currently have 18 members

    Hay Day enthusiasts united for FUN & FAIR farming! MOO!

    Thanks for checking us out! We’re currently looking for new farming neighbors!

    Canyon Creek is an English speaking neighborhood with neighbors from around the world! Our neighbors are self sufficient, helpful, and team oriented. Our goal in every derby is to play FAIR and play to win. Our current trophies are: Gold-45, Silver-11, Bronze-1.

    We are a team of dedicated HD enthusiasts who play to relax, enjoy an occasional chat, and...of! Note: We are NOT that team that has to win at any and all costs. That’s not a race, that’s a purchase. We do, however, enter each race with the goal of winning, and we run each race to win. And yes, we win A LOT.

    Derby participation is not required.

    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    Some of our easy expectations
    - Complete all tasks at max point value (320/400x10)
    - Level 80+
    - Adult hood 21+
    - Speak/Communicate in English
    - Be active, self sufficient, and helpful
    - Maintain your farm, town, and stock items.
    - Be a fair, helpful, and friendly player

    Do you feel like Canyon Creek could be your new neighborhood? Drop in and say hi!

    Valerie - Leader
    KIK: robinvr68
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    I’m Loving the Mystery derby this week! We’re on our way to another Gold! Woohoo!

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    Daily Bump

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    Mystery Derby complete & Another win for the team! Come join us for the next derby! ♥️

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    Daily Bump

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    Bumper Cars

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    Bumping up to find our next new neighbor!

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    Bump bump bump

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    Daily bump

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    More info please

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