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Thread: Canyon Creek ~ Come grow with us! 🌳🌾

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    Canyon Creek ~ Come grow with us! 🌳🌾

    🌹🐴 CANYON CREEK 🐴🌹
    Current trophies: Gold-61, Silver-13, bronze-2.
    Brown Chicken on Pink Circle

    We are currently looking for experienced derby-loving neighbors to join our winning team!

    Canyon Creek is an English speaking neighborhood with neighbors from USA, Canada, and UK. Our neighbors are experienced, self sufficient, helpful, and team oriented.

    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    What we are looking for in our next new neighbor:

    ▪️Complete all tasks at max point value (320/400x10)
    ▪️Level 90+
    ▪️Adult 21+
    ▪️Speak/Communicate in English
    ▪️Be active, self sufficient, and helpful
    ▪️Maintain your farm, town, and stock items.
    ▪️Facebook messenger required
    ▪️Be a fair, helpful, and friendly player

    Our neighborhood guidelines:

    Derby Basics

    • This is a race, so we do ask that all will please come to the race prepared.
    • Complete all tasks at the max point value.
    • Diamond task is required. That is the only diamond requirement that I impose on our team. Your diamonds, your choice!
    • Strategy guidelines for each special derby will be posted as they occur.
    • Check neighborhood notifications and recent chat each time you log in
    • Check task board before picking up townies.

    Derby Task Board & Task Selection

    Anyone with elder status or above is able to delete tasks from the task-board. This is a privilege that will be taken away if it is abused. While we do want to keep the task board moving and tasks available we also want to minimize our total trashed tasks per derby as this affects our global ranking.

    • If there are 4 or more max point tasks available on the task board we do not delete any further tasks. This encourages the selection of existing tasks and also lowers our trash rate.
    • Trash all low tasks each time you take a task during regular derbies. (This is assuming there are less than 4 max point tasks left).
    • Only Leaders & co-leaders are allowed to trash 320 tasks like duplicates, goat milk, extra long growing tasks, etc. if deemed undesirable for a team win.
    • There may be times when the leader will place a limit on daily tasks to ensure that the entire team is moving forward as one unit when tasks are scarce. This just makes sense because the race is finished when the entire team is finished. We believe no neighbor is to be left behind. Even if a daily limit is not in place If you are ahead on tasks please be courteous and allow others a chance at the fast & easy task by taking a longer task.

    Other guidelines

    • Neighbors who are not in the derby should refrain from picking up townies during the derby.
    • Birdhouse requests are used for whatever you wish! No rules governing or limiting what you request.
    • Your RSS is yours to run and maintain as you please. If you want to charge a penny, go for it! If you want to charge full price, do it! Its your shop and we wont judge you.
    • Boat crates: when requesting help to fill boat crates kindly place an ad in the DD to allow the public to fill if possible. Placing an ad with 5-10 Rustic bouquets is a very good choice.
    • Keep chat clean
    • Membership in our private facebook group Hay Day Derby at Canyon Creek and our private facebook chat group Canyon Creek Hay Day Chat is required for our members.
    • Required farm level for active derby members is 90+. If you wish to recruit friends to our hood please ensure their level is 90+. I will not lower this requirement. At this level experience is usually advanced enough to know the basics of derby prep, inventory management, communication, and the teamwork necessary for coordinating a winning team. **Exceptions are baby farms owned by members with main hoods higher than level 110 and anyone who is already a member.

    If we sound like a good match for you please private message me here with any questions or if you would like to join.

    Valerie - Leader
    My farm tag #U2LUPCGP
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    Farm Level 124 Town Level 34 Farm Tag #U2LUPCGP

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    I’m Loving the Mystery derby this week! We’re on our way to another Gold! Woohoo!

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    Daily Bump

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    Mystery Derby complete & Another win for the team! Come join us for the next derby! ♥️

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    Bumper Cars

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    Bumping up to find our next new neighbor!

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    Bump bump bump

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    Daily bump

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    More info please

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