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Thread: New Derby Tasks Ideas

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    New Derby Tasks Ideas

    I'm sure that like most of you we are tired of the same derby tasks week in week out.. I have a few ideas for new tasks so I will post them here to see if anyone else has some to add.
    Boutique task:red hats, bouquets and red scarves.
    Fish task:# of fish, fish soup, fish burgers.
    Pets tasks: sanctuary and pets feeding
    Bacon task: collect bacon, make burgers and bacon pies.
    Sandwich task: burgers and sandwiches
    Chocolate task: Caffè mocha, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cakes
    Berry task: berry juice, red berry cakes, raspberry mocha
    Carrot task: harvest carrots, carrot pies, carrot cakes or juice
    Breakfast task: pancakes, coffee, syrup
    Sushi task: #of fish, sushi, soy sauce
    Bee task: candle wax, candles
    Apple task: honey apple cake, apple pie, apple juice
    Coffee task: mixed coffees
    Smoothies task: mixed smoothies
    Strawberry task: Harvest strawberries, strawberry ice cream, strawberry cakes, red hats
    Dairy task: cream, butter and cheeses
    Pasta task: make pasta, spicy pasta, pasta carbonara

    The task names can be changed but we need some new tasks it's really getting boring to play derby.

    Also please add some new items
    Why can't we do and orange candle
    Pink sweater
    Plum juice
    Cotton blouses
    BlackBerry pies
    Cheesy popcorn
    Straw hats

    Add coconut trees
    Pineapple bushes

    Have Maggie do the barn and silo also
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    and the more tasks, the less prepared that can be ... the most unpredictible that becomes ... i really like the idea ... because it's less repetitive also ...
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