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Thread: identifies 10~12% different as engineering base

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    407 identifies 10~12% different as engineering base

    Recently, one of my account on th11, it is getting into from 66k to 67k, and cocp remove its engineering tag. I am very clear about his offense is 72~73k.
    It is a really engineering base, no DE troops, only MinerLv5. Others are all level1. But when I was using the record log, I got an extra popup message said remove engineering tag for it.

    Long time ago, we had a discussion, what is engineering, I think it could be a good reference from cocp view.
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    It's an interesting take.
    The Martian website offers up some great info, but historical feedback from some of their players on this very forum paint all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff.

    Historically, if I'd refer to a 'lopsided' base, as being engineered, a Martian player would probably be physically sick, while shouting 'That's not Engineering'.

    As always, it's all about context I suppose, and players thoughts and assumptions on the subject move as time goes by!
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