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    Help please

    We'd created a clan back in 2015 n built it upto level 10. We kept the clan idle for some time to explore new strategies. Now we joined our clan back few days ago but unfortunately my friend trusted a wrong person (name redacted by forum Moderator) and handed over leadership to him. (Redacted) isn't a good leader, he is very offensive. We asked (redacted) to give the leadership back to us but he refused. Instead (redacted) kicked out all our accounts. He has a mini too (called (redacted)) and is interchanging leadership between his two accounts. This is truly unfair. Please help.
    Our clan tag #PCPJCPQQ
    (Redacted)'s tag #(redacted)
    (Redacted)'s tag #(redacted)
    My tag #2RP9J9V9L
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    Your friend made a big mistake. There is no way to get leadership back unless the new leader freely hands the title back. And it sounds like he isn’t going to do that. In the future, never give leadership away to someone you don’t completely trust.

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    Looks like the leader is someone that has only been there a few days. What a bizarre thing to allow a situation where in under a week he becomes elder, then co, then leader...

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    Never, And I mean never trust a person you don't know. Let him stay, Get to know him, Decide weather to trust him or not, Promote to Elder and then continue from there.

    Sorry OP. You can't reverse the damages done

    It definitely is a really fun game, I have wasted 5 years of my life on it, it was worth every second

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