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Thread: [TH8] Need advice on Troop Upgrade Priority Order

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    Question [TH8] Need advice on Troop Upgrade Priority Order

    Maxed out TH7, currently moving to TH8. Haven't been in a war for a long time, but looking forward to participate in one soon. Need guidance regarding upgrade priorities, especially troops. Prefer to use ground troops mostly, as they're relatively cheaper. Also, advice on TH8 attack tactics and troop combinations would be very helpful.
    Thank you.

    P.S. - I'm new here.

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    Primarily work on your farming troops as a lot of those will translate to your secondary war attack troops anyway (Barb, Archer, Wizard, Wall Breaker).

    While doing this, and farming, put DE into your King to push him from 5 to 10. Once that's done you can max your research on Hogs and then Golems.

    At this point you're set to easily take on any TH8 as mass Hog and/or GoHo are ridiculously powerful.
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    Very well. Will see to it.
    As for the troop composition, using mass hogs or GoHo cost somewhere between 1800 to 2000 DE, which is perfectly fine for wars where the payoffs are nice.
    Can you recommend something that's easy on my DE reserves, for regular raids. I'm in Gold III and I rarely find an opponent having more than 1500 DE up for loot. I would very much like to preserve my DE until all the necessary upgrades are taken care of.

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    For DE raids it would be best for you to use Loonion. Basically this strategy helps through th7 to th9 to rapidly boost your DE storage.

    30 Loons + 20 minions + 3 Rage can be ideal.

    This raid doesnt require a hero.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zenideas View Post
    For DE raids it would be best for you to use Loonion. Basically this strategy helps through th7 to th9 to rapidly boost your DE storage.

    30 Loons + 20 minions + 3 Rage can be ideal.

    This raid doesnt require a hero.
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    Or try dragloon attack

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    okay.. actually I'm quite inexperienced in carrying out air attacks, but ground attacks don't seem to be working out effectively either, lately. I guess it's time I start practicing with air troops.
    Thanks for the advice.

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    At TH8 I used/still use straight BARCH in gold and as mentioned either Dragloon or GoHo for wars, depending on the base layout.

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    For War - L4 Hogs

    For Farm - Wizards, Babrs, Archer, Loon, Giants all get a good boost at TH8 if I recall correctly.
    Dragons are a nice DE troop and can be used in war on the right bases but well designed TH8s can withstand a L3 spam attack in war.
    Heal and Rage I think can and should both be upgraded at TH8.

    CC should be your first gold upgrade.

    Unlock the dark spell factor and upgrade to EQ before you get used to having poison available.
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    I tried out a loonion on a fairly low level TH7. Worked out fine as it was weakly guarded against air attacks. I don't think it would've made much of a difference even if the air defences were lv5. But still could have foiled my attack if they were positioned well & supported by sweeper, traps and maybe wizard towers.
    Still, open to suggestions whether I could have done it better..
    Here is the attack clip.
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    Trust me. First Idc what you do, but upgrade max your king first. Then focus on getting golems and upping your loons and wiz as they are the most valuable upgrade.

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