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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilli59 View Post
    I am really sorry to be rude, but in my opinion this is nonsense.

    I am a TH12, almost always maxed against max tH12 in war, and I have never been 3*'d.

    We have just lost a war against a clan with very good anti 3* bases, and they were very hard to 3* except using dips, and even then quite hard. Max heroes, max walls and a good design prevent spam attacks gettign 3* every time.
    I agree it's not guaranteed and definitely not easy. I tried this out as a TH11 with max troops and max heroes against a mirror TH11 and it does not yield a 3 star. I've also tried it out in friendly challenges, farming, and other war attacks too so it's not just a one time attack. I changed my troops around centering around bowlers still with better results.

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    50% hit rates....
    Sounds pretty balanced to me.

    Thanks to DragonX101 for the awesome sig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaper93 View Post
    If any invite clan will want you why aren't you there already? With an 80% hit rate you should be a star

    Also if you dont know onehive hit all fresh th10's with freeze witch on a practice war against north watchers. They did nowhere close to 80%. So i smell some nonsense.
    Keep in mind in cwl invite and premiere the lower th levels are designed to stop fresh hits specifically. Also they build a fresh base every weak were in most common wars players modify there xisting bases. So cwl isnít a great comparison to your average war just saying.

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    This sounds so much like a click bait thread...

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