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    Quote Originally Posted by Plyc View Post
    Oh, my logic when using edrag isn't really for it to get a hit off, but more of the death damage. If it gets a hit off that's a huge bonus. I use an edrag+loon combo for my 12s.

    In my eyes, the main merits for edrag over hound is:

    1) For clean up hits, cannot be ignored no matter what. Hounds can be ignored in almost all kinds of attacks, laloon, bowitch with less witch (though honestly I've always just ignored hound cc with normal bowitch anyway, the hound doesn't do damage the witches still stay behind the bowlers and the extra space can be poisoned to death), miners, and that's basically all meta attacks I suppose? Am I missing anything in my understanding on this?

    2) 2nd highest hp air unit, so it's still able to tank and stall somewhat. When coupled with the correct cc and a skele trapped qw path, might even get off a shot (forcing and early ability or a rage).

    3) Death damage. Slight delay upon death means the bowlers and whatever killed it will be passing right under, giving some bonus damage that can thin out the main squad in combination with other defences in the area.

    Personally the reason I made the switch (I used to always use a hound cc) was after my first 12, which had never been 3 starred before was wiped out by a th11 spam laloon user after they suicide heroed just my queen. My base was already hit prior so they knew about the hound baby cc. So yeah, changed all ccs into edrags from then on. I find it defends really well at th9, where often a single hit coming off will completely kill the attacking queen, hence forcing an ability or a rage to kill it before it fires.
    1) It's very hard to sui lalo a max TH 12 even if it has a hound baby CC if the rest of the design is anti lalo (which it should be in this meta). The CC should be placed such that it is tough for the queen to pick off much value (aka outside air defense) without pulling the hound and the baby dragon still requires a poison. I've never seen bowitch with less witch work just to avoid the hound in the CC (what do you do with the queen? just have it walk around?), but I can't really say it's easier on the attacker compared to traditional CC or the edrag you are describing. Maybe it works better than I expect, but I just haven't seen it much. I believe I touched upon miners, and as I said it is very hard to take out a whole base with miners without a good queenwalk or charge, which must avoid the hound like the plague. Basically I'm saying it is much harder to ignore a hound baby CC than people always make it seem. Sure it is possible to exploit a base and probably recommended, but dang can it be tough to do so.

    2) The edrag should never be able to force a rage or queen ability that a normal CC wouldn't be able to do. A poison is just too strong against it, and since it is not going to bounce to the healers, it's single target dps is less than that of most anything you stick in the CC anyway.

    3) Sure, and this is kind of the only redeeming quality of the edrag. But if we are arguing the damage from multis is minute, why are we considering the edrag death damage at all impressive?

    I can't say anything about other THs, especially not 9 (good lord it's been years and years for me since I was TH 9), but I would say your first 12 was probably not maxed and not as anti lalo as possible.
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    Game gets hard after you hit th8,its fine till th7 but after th8 u get lots of new content which makes it hardee

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