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Thread: [TH9] Not finding ANY Elixir! (BIG problem!!)

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    Got to crystal 2 and 3 . Thats where the good stuff for TH9 is. Regularly find bases with 800k+ of both and lots of dead bases there too. Seems to be the ideal resting place for dead bases.

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    Don't use a 250K elixir army to attack a 350K offering base and expect more than a 100K profit.

    That's just common sense.

    A time proven way to increase profit is to reduce cost.

    Often a 60K elixir army can extract 350K/350K/3K from the collectors on a dead base.

    Don't get locked into one way to farm.

    When people say "Gibarch, Barch, GiGobArch, BAM, Goblin Knife" .. don't just dismiss them, run each of those armies 20-30 times to figure out WHY people are mentioning those armies. (Hint: they work)

    Personally, I was running a dual army at TH9 and 10. Half of the army space was given over to cheap troops, the other to expensive ones. The cheap troops were always first in my training queues and when I raided with that part of the army they were simply replaced. 12 minut turn around time, 5 attacks an hour. 5 dead bases at 350K/350K/3K gave me half of my daily attacks.

    You have to find your own way, but you NEED to look at the profit and you NEED to look at alternatives to a 250K cost army.

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    so you do loonion to get your loons up? with lvl5 loons its just a waste of elixir ... go with gibarch or gob knife and move at least to crystal ... start loonion again when you have your loons, minions and haste up to lvl 9 ...
    sorry for my english - not a native english speaker
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