HAM MASTERS (#PYRRJ2V), we are allergic to lopsided bases. But we have the proper antidote: skills!!!!

We are an organized war clan, but with a laid back attitude. Most members are from US. We welcome international members as long as they can attack on time in wars. If you are also into clan games, we have never missed any tiers!

Here are our criteria:
* TH7s and up only
* TH8s and up must train up war troops and hit one of our bases in Friendly Challenge, before we put you in wars
* TH9s must have balance heroes/xbows:
** if you have xbows level 3, you need heroes 20+/20+
* TH10s must be at least maxed TH9
* TH11s must be at least maxed TH10
* must speak English, must communicate well
* must be regularly warring, opt out only for heroes or spell factory upgrades and necessary/emergency real life situations (school, work, family, etc -- we are quite reasonable). Long term parking/opting out is discouraged.

If you decide to give us a try, please send a join request with a message "Go HAM on Clash".

See you in game and Go HAM on Clash of Clans!