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Thread: I need help

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    Unhappy I need help

    A few weeks ago I tried contacting support to see if it was possible to change my supercell ID email since I had no longer access to it and logging in with my Google Play games seems to not be working (it said it was mandatory to use the supercell id, not my play games account anymore) and oh boy what a big mistake it was, the agent that "helped" me banned my google play account in a way that I can't even open the game I tried reaching support from another account and they denied banning me and that I already used the recovery process once and that my account is and should working (according to them) and yet I can't log in. (I'm not asking for recovery I just want to to be unbanned I managed to get the email back with apple support since it was an icloud mail)

    Please before closing my post please give me an email or phone number or something I can reach someone to fix this I've spent so much time, money and effort building my village and now its all lost because of that one support representative that did a horrible job and now anyone knows what the hell he did.

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