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Thread: Friendly war anyone? (th6 to th10)

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    Friendly war anyone? (th6 to th10)

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to do a friendly war with since a lot of my members want some war practice. We can do anywhere from a 10v10 to a 25v25.
    Our line up would be one good th10. A few newish th9s. Possibly a few rushed 9s and 10s. Up to 6 th8s (some slightly rushed or new). A few th7s and any amount of th6s to fill space.
    We can even throw a rushed th11 who has all the event troops into it too but not required.

    If anyone's interested, dm me reply. I can start the war anytime today. Thanks.

    Your local PEKKA

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    Hi Yatizon,

    We just did a war search today, but we will be available for a Friendly War this Tuesday or Wednesday evening (Pacific time). We can field 2 TH10s (maxed), 5 TH9s (maxed), 9 TH8s (4 maxed, 5 newish), and 9 TH7s (2 maxed, 7 rushed).

    You should feel free to bring everyone who wants to participate, even the TH11 and extra TH10s. We want everyone to have fun, and don't care about winning or losing. Regardless of the matchup we will use all of our attacks.

    If you want more "target practice" at TH9 we can drop some TH7s or TH8s (they won't mind since they're second accounts) and throw in up to five inactive (max) TH9s. That way your TH9s (and maybe your rushed TH10s) will have plenty of targets to hit.

    Please let me know if you're interested.

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