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Thread: [New Hero] Zombie Necromancer

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    I forgot...

    [New Hero] Zombie Necromancer

    Similar but with different attributes to previous entries: Necromancer, Sorceress, and other less described entries in IFR.

    Before going into the details of the hero description, this hero effect in the balance is to bring a new dual purpose multidimensional hero: able to address specifically air troops, or ground; able to attack and defend effectively; bring a new ability (mix of siege machine and witch behavior); and continue on the base troop source for hero description.

    Hero: Zombie Necromancer (ZN)
    Location: Altar on Main Village.
    Based on: Witch

    In offense, multiplayer, AI has no specfic target, except while the Zombie ability is active.
    In defense, AI is similar to BK/AQ patroling pattern, except for the larger activation radius.

    Special Power: Spawning
    While active on the base, in attack or defense, the ZN spawns skeletons at a rate and pattern described below based on its level. This spawning is depending on targets found in the ‘activation radius’ of the hero, between flying and ground skeletons. The skeletons spawn randomly within the attack range radius from the ground (same as skeleton trap).
    In offense, the presence of buildings within the activation range will initiate the spawning of ground skeletons. In defense, only when troops enter the activation range, appropriate skeletons are spawned.

    Ability: Zombification
    This ability is automatic (when ZN loses its last HP) and can be activated by the player at anytime: the ZN regenerates to a portion of its orignal HP, stops spawning skeletons and starts targeting only live enemy troops and heroes, anywhere on the base, going to the closest in a straight line. Live troops excludes any enemy skeletons, wallbreakers, and balloons.
    The ZN ignores (moves thru them like a Grand Warden) walls and other buildings, moving on the base at a reduced speed, receiving only half the damages from defenses; and is immune to traps*, healing, from spells, healers or Grand Warden (excluding Eternal Tome).
    If and when all live troops and heroes are gone, the ZN resumes behaving like before activation, or stops being active (no HP when activated). If activated by the player, the Ability may cause the ZN to lose HP down to the portion described. The HP gained during Zombification do not count for Regeneration (only the HP in normal mode count).
    This ability is only available in attack mode (not in defense).

    Trap/Skeleton Immunity - Offense only
    Spawned basic skeletons from the opponent (either traps, or witch) join the ZN army (limited to the ZN level). All excess skeletons, excluding wallbreakers, ballooners, vanish (die) from the base. Skeletons spawned and controlled by the ZN follow current trap activation.

    Spawning Pattern
    Specific to the targets in activation range: flying or ground skeletons.
    In offense, a portion of the skeletons spawned are wall-breakers, depending on ability level.

    (Image from PATH: World of Adia as example...)

    The ZN swings its scythe to the ground to spawn skeletons, and waves his free hand to shoot at its target.
    When the ability is activated the ZN loses its human attributes (skin, ...) turning into a skeleton only, and reaps it scythe horizontally at live enemy troops.

    The skeletons spawned are exactly as currently existing: skeleton, Wall-breaker Level 1.
    When flying they appear just like those from skeleton traps set to air.

    These skeletons, to differentiate from witches' or traps', have a purple glow coming from their skulls.

    Description table
    - Preferred Target Attack type Damage type Movement speed Attack speed [AS] Spawning speed Attack Spawn Range Activation Search radius
    Normal Any Ranged Splash 16 1.2 sec 1.8 sec 3 11
    Zombie Troops/Heroes Ranged Area Splash 3 tile radius, Damage x3 12 1.8 sec N.A. 3 N.A.

    Level calculation
    Level DPS DPH HP Regen Time Ability Level Training Cost Training Time TH required
    X 50+X*2 DPS*AS 1000+40*X 30+X/2 min +1/5X 2m+400k/X Elixir 12h*(X-1) TBD

    Zombification Ability

    Dark elixir training costs could be set at 50 times less, ranging from 80k (initial), to 232k (maxed).

    PS: to clarify the DPS/DPH Zombie are x1 in the table above; while Zombified, the ZN only hits at Damage x3, so 450dps at max ability. The HP are also ‘normal’ (x1), as the ZN receives half damages from defenses, but full damages from troops and heroes. The splash area of damages in Zombie mode is similar to a Valkyries’ except extending to the full reach (3 space) of the scythe, and affect any troop within the attack range, not buildings. Only the GW’s Eternal Tome is able to protect the ZN during a Zombification (otherwise immune to heal). If HP of the Zombie are depleted it becomes inactive, and any remaining HP from normal mode are lost, and the full regenration is needed.
    All imunities, activation and control acquisition remain within activation range, but controlled skeletons can leave that area and remain under ‘control’, yet follow their own AI.

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    Awesome idea! Very thorough and interesting.

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