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Thread: A great army for loot and trophies

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    A great army for loot and trophies

    Hi, i am posting this to help you all who are trying to find a good army that can give you much loot and trophies at the same time!
    The strategy is very similar to the barch but you dont lose your trophies!
    You need:
    4 Pekkas
    21 wizards
    8 minions
    1 poison
    2 heals
    1 rage
    It would also be good if you have it on the max level allowed by your laboratory.
    Use your pekkas first by droping them on resource collectors that are full or exposed storages, then put some wizards behind pekkas to clear defences behind the walls while they shoot pekkas, use heal spells on pekkas and wizards when they get damaged, once pekkas breach the walls use the rage spell if they are near the town hall, if they dont breach the walls put some minnions and remaining wizards to clear the way inside the walls or to just get 50% destruction. Its easy way to get loot and trophies + i can nearly 3 star a solid th9 with it, and i got from gold 1 to master 3 league in just a few days using it! Hope this helped you!
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