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Thread: TH9 Great Levels💀Looking for Active War Clan💀

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    Invictus Fire is recruiting TH9s with all lvl 9 walls and 15/15 hero's if you have xbows. We farm, donate to guests for xp, and war. Our war's range from TH12s to TH9s. Recent win streak was 29. Come check us out and mention your from the forums. Good Luck!!
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    Hi there,

    Looking for active members to join. Clan has hit max tier and achieved max rewards in all games so far.

    Asean Kampongers unite. Opening clan to all friendly, active, loyal and mature players from South East Asia. War search every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings local time (GET +8). Use both attacks if selected for war. English speaking clan. Solid core group of attackers. No rushed bases. Respect is mutual and no cheats allowed. Leaders will brief clan rules upon entry.♥State the country you are from when joining.

    Hope to see you soon if you feel we are a fit

    Kampong INC based in Singapore. Clan tag - #RQPVY02Q

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