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Thread: Suggestion: Villages need to build previous TH buildings to be eligible for war

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    Suggestion: Villages need to build previous TH buildings to be eligible for war

    This solves all our mismatching problems and rushed TH villages participating in war.

    Since TH12 update, this has been enforced, in which TH upgrades require all buildings unlocked on the current TH level to be built. However, this does not affect villages that already rushed the TH upgrade before the update.

    As a solution, already rushed villages must build previous TH buildings to be eligible for war.

    An already rushed TH9 village must build all buildings up to TH8 before being eligible to participate in war. The war participation button in the profile would be greyed out and cannot be switched. When pressed, it would show which buildings need to be built before being eligible for war (just like a TH upgrade prompt when missing required buildings)

    This would certainly further punish villages who rushed already to higher TH levels, but it wouldn't be a problem with their high level troops to farm all their required upgrades out.

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    Why should rushed/engineered bases be punished? What did they do wrong? What rule did they break that deserves punishment? The only punishment this cause would be to players who have just upgraded their town hall. It would also force a fairly big chunk of current players to be out of war for doing nothing wrong. Id prefer SC continue to tweak matchmaking to get us the most balanced match possible.
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