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Thread: Bug - "Battle Machine upgraded to level 2" notification

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    Bug - "Battle Machine upgraded to level 2" notification

    Hey, Clashers!

    I'm an Android user and my phone is a Huawei P8 lite (not the newest model, but gets the job done).

    Recently I've entered the wonderful world of BH level 5 (haven't been playing for almost an entire year ). I'm now building the Battle Machine. After some attacks in the Main Village, I closed the game and a notification popped up: "Battle Machine upgraded to level 2".

    I then started the app again and right after I left I got the same notification. This repeats every time I do it, even if I had previously closed the app completely. This isn't really a big problem, nor is it annoying to me, but certainly shouldn't happen.
    I don't know if someone has already seen this or if it's just me!

    Images to prove this is real:




    PS.: Don't mind the portuguese there haha, I just wanted to show the time and that the notification repeats (since those are different notifications from different times).
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    Uninstalling and re-installing the app should fix it.

    Edit: If it doesn't, turn the notifications off and contact Support.
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