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    More 360

    360 Virtual Reality

    • First, I love most of the video released by CoC, which is awesome like "The Legend of the Last Lava Pup", " Hog Rider 360" and "Hammer Jam". What you guys love the most?

    • Second, Like above I want to see Queen Walk 360 (Healer and Oueen), a Full Versus Battle 360 (Battle Machine, Cannon Cart, Night Witch, Giant Cannon, and Crusher), a Full TH12 360 (Giga Tesla, Electro Dragon, Both Machines, Eagle Artillery, Grand Warden and High Level Defenses). Also wanna to see Golem, Bowler, Miner, Gaint Skeleton, X-bow and Inferno Tower in Action. What you guys want to see?
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