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Thread: making clash of clans a 3d game

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    Since I started playing clash, I've seen some wonderful 3D graphics on competing games. None of them have come to prominence. Quite a few people played them and then they went poof. Those graphics have a heavy price on performance. It didn't help them that they were all pay to win too. I installed one but it didn't last long on my phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jk02bp1535 View Post
    clash of clans is a 2d game and if we transform it into 3d then more attraction amoung the players and more fun will be to play clash of clans.... this will increase attraction and playing fun too...

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    Just because you may enjoy the look and feel of 3D games, does not mean that it will lead to more players. It might, it also might not. Many folks ( I am one of these) enjoy 2D games just as they are. I stopped playing other games when they became 3D. So it is just as likely that it may decrease the number of players.

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