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Thread: Is a level 1 lavahound good for lavaloonion?

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    Hounds pop fast even max. They are kinda just there to soak up some bombs and splash for a few, for the loons. I see people putting their hounds in, then 5 sec later dropping their loons lol, like the hounds clear a path for them or something. Hounds are shields, not bulldozers and you want your loons as close to them as possible. Sometimes, if you have to drop the loons at a distance, you should drop the loons first, then hounds. You want the loons to be at the AD when the hound pops or close too it. Not the hound pop, before the loons even get to the first defense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vmario View Post
    My opinion, just use giants and goblins.... ive been using this ever since i've reached th9 2 weeks agoand got enough to finally upgrade my queen to 15.
    You've upgraded your queen to L15 in two weeks?

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    Thanks for the tip! This will help me a lot.

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