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Unfortunately, SC only added 5 new troop and 3 new spells into the game for the last 4 years. At least this is better than nothing, like Boom Beach which has been 2 years but only has 1 new troop.

Oh yes. Don't forget about the Ice Wizard, Battle Ram, Giant Skeleton, Pumpkin Barbarian, and Santa's Surprise, when it's dressed according to the season.
I count 5 troops (lava, bowler, baby drag, miner, and edrag) and 5 spells (clone, poison, quake, haste, and skellie) plus 1 hero (warden) 2 siege machine (wrecker, and blimp) 4 defenses (bomb tower, sweeper, eagle, TH12). Plus important mechanics like spell donation. Iím certain that legend league has been added and I think Titan league may also have been created. There was also the entire BH. Many nerf/buffs also.

Often times, improvement is not made through addition but rather through enhancing what you already have.