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Thread: Carnival for hayday?

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    Carnival for hayday?

    Can the makers of hayday please consider making a new area with a carnival with new and exciting rides that the people from our towns can visit,with dodgems,Ferris wheel ,roller coaster,ghost train,you could pay coins to go on the rides then collect tokens when you come off the ride to build up to open new rides?
    food stalls with hot dogs,candy floss,popcorn,toffee apples and new shakes or cola stalls,
    the possibilitys are endless fun!
    please read this and comment if you think it's a good idea??? Thank you for listening X dave

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    Better! I like you're idea!

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    I posted on your other thread...

    Carnival/Funfair: it’s been suggested loads. It’s ‘my’ thing too..I have it all planned out in my head. I’d love it, they could do so much with it. However, I don’t see it happening. They had a carnival train in production once, but had to scrap it as it wasn’t working properly’
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