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    Hi there, I was just asking the question about hayday where we could have a live timer for Tom to see how long we have left of his services while he is sleeping,and to pause Tom while indeed we are sleeping so we don't miss out on at least 6 to 8 hours of his service?
    also I still have a great idea of a new area in hayday which would be a carnival with Ferris wheel rides,dodgems,selling candy floss,candy apples and endless other cool stuff a carnival would bring?
    your comments would be appreciated as I'm trying to get hayday team to go with this idea!
    dave x

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    You would have more chance to get people to read your post with a more descriptive title... Not sure to understand the timer idea since you can see it by clicking on Tom... if it because you would like a pause option it has been ruled out already... Other the ferry wheel and theme park attraction could be a great addition but it getting far from the game main plot of farming...

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    Just a quick reply,you can't see how much time Tom has left when he is sleeping only when he is up and about.
    the carnival idea would tie in as there are many items such as popcorn, burgers,toffee apples,hotdogs which are already in the game,and the area could come off the town area for the town people to have fun, and us too obviously lol

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    Hi Dave

    Tom: Timer would be great. It gets asked fir frequently. SC already has the coding so no idea why they’ve never done it. I just use an App Timer when I hire him.

    SC have no (current) intention if changing the way Tom works. He’s priced as he is, if they changed it, they’d make him more expensive.

    Carnival/Funfair: it’s been suggested loads. It’s ‘my’ thing too..I have it all planned out in my head. I’d love it, they could do so much with it. However, I don’t see it happening. They had a carnival train in production once, but had to scrap it as it wasn’t working properly.

    (It’s best to post ideas separately and to put info in the title, you’ll get a better response and less confusion)
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