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Thread: Sorry guys, canít help to post this. :)

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    Sorry guys, canít help to post this. :)

    The clan war with Forum Events still has more than 3 hours to go. I see that quite a few of their members do not have king or warden. But still...

    (BTW I am not new here, just have not logged in for more than 2 years, and lost the login info. Donít even know which email I used then...)
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    Good for you! Gratz.

    It definitely is a really fun game, I have wasted 5 years of my life on it, it was worth every second

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    Yes, good for you, have a pat on the back.

    For future reference threads like these should be posted in the clan wars sub, where I am sure you will garner much praise for your ability to crushingly defeat this long unloved events clan with no permanant members except sitters, doing heroes down xp wars with whoever is nice enough to come by and help, painfully grinding xp so that people attending future events here can enjoy better perks, by any means necessary. A clan with a red streak of 7 in its recent history. And destroying this clans epic win streak of 2!

    Clash on geekz��

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    Not sure what is sadder, the OP's lack of reading comprehension, to that he created a new nick to post this thread?

    But clash on wargeekz

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    Well, I was actually very surprised to match with your clan. I actually checked my bookmark to ensure it was really the forum clan. I book marked the forum clan at its formation about maybe 2 years ago? My surprise was that with so many co-leaders, and not many with the red tag, it looks like at least semi-permanent clan. (We have seen clans for loot only, not trying to win. Clearly you are not one of them.)

    My post wasnít just about victory over the forum clan. This is the best war result we have since introduction of TH12. Our war log is open. You guys are not exactly give away either (ok, maybe except 9 & 10), virtually all TH12 are anti-3 layout, with many max EA, IT, X-bow, etc... We war only once a week, and just started to learn how to 3-star TH12.

    I see that quite a few of you use electroloons on our TH12. I think if you change the attacks a little for targets with TH outside, you should have a much better 2-star chance, even in the case of TH11 attack TH12. The change I suggest is to have the siege engine + king + queen go direct to the TH, then the electro-loons as the second wave. (See our 3 attack on your 1, our 9 attack on 4, 23 attack your 5 [without switching warden to air mode by mistake]) In this war I saw that quite a few of your electro-loon attack could not reach the TH on the other side, resulting in many 1-star attacks.

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    I can't see the images so I am very confused
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