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    Question How we could improve MM ...

    Hey Mods... why are you censoring me? tons of people complaining about MM... I love CoC and want it to get it better!


    ---- This post got censored 2x --------------------

    Engineering is still painful. It's been hit or miss at 10v10 or 15v15. But my experience has been bad in other clans at 5v5. Our BD is 2 th10s (mid/entry level), 2 th9s (max, mid) and one th8.
    2 wars in a row, we've been matched with 2 th10 and one engineered th11 which just 3* my 2 th 10s.

    I fear it's a bigger issue than just tweaking MM. Bringing th12 (which has been a good thing for many players) is providing more th BD diversity which must make MM harder. Not too long after th11 came
    up (Dec '15), SC removed 35v35 and 45v45 specifically to help MM (March '16). I suspect 5v5 is not helping.

    I also suspect a drop in CoC popularity is not helping. While there are still many very active players, more events..., I've also, seen among clans I'm familiar with, quite a few
    people dropping the game [no need to flame if that's not what you are seeing: I'm well aware of super active clans]. In any case, CoC is/has been a very successful game but it is maturing
    and facing competition from very popular newcomers.

    There have been many suggestions in this forum how to deal with such engineered accounts, giving them at least th11 weight if they have any th11 artifact (troops, gw, camps, def...).
    But SC has failed to do anything about it. The requirement for th12 does not change anything for lower engineered ths.

    It seems to me there's a structural problem, bigger issue than can be fixed with a few tweaks in a MM formula.

    Maybe SC will someday surprise us: I hope it won't be too late. Keep calm and clash on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by taffyIX View Post
    Hey Mods... why are you censoring me? tons of people complaining about MM... I love CoC and want it to get it better!


    ---- This post got censored 2x --------------------

    Hello, and welcome back to the forum after a break.

    Mods have not been "censoring" your posts; they have been automatically moderated. That sometimes happens for newer forum members (or those with a low post count, as you have). It's a part of the mechanism that controls spam.

    Unfortunately mods don't get an automatic notification of moderated items, so they may not be dealt with immediately.

    I've now approved this thread, and removed the other two.
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    One way that would help match making (won’t necessarily fix) is allow you to spin with any number and let the match making drop the necessary accounts when it finds another clan around the same weight, so for example you spin with 23, and it will pick your 20 person lineup for you depending on the weights and halls of the clan close by weight whise, this will reduce search times a lot also

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