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Thread: We Want Greenhouse!!

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    We Want Greenhouse!!

    How about new farm building that gives us not only products, but also achievements and little bit of education?

    Meet the greenhouse concept...

    Unlocked at level: ?
    Price: ? coins
    Build time: ?
    Default slots: 1
    Max slots: 6
    Upgrade slots by: diamonds

    Fishing area gives me a lot of inspirations. Why we can't have something like lobster pool or duck salon to raise butterflies, grow mushrooms and plant delicate and exotic flowers in a building that a farm should have, a greenhouse.

    The greenhouse will have a book stand like one we have in the sanctuary, and players who visit another farm can see what inside the book, just like maggie's folder or fishing books. The book has 3 sections inside, mushroom, butterfly, and exotic flower. At least 10 species per sections (30 total), maybe more can be added later. Every new unlocked species give at least 1 diamond or could be more (more is better )

    For the building owner, if you click the main building, the roof will disappear or you go inside, it shows box or table, you can make production on that boxes, just like other machine in your farm, but it works like lobster pool/duck salon, you can have maximum 6 productions at the same time. If you click your own book stand, you can see you own book (or call it encyclopedia or something cool)

    Once the greenhouse is built, it will be already contains one of each "mystery seeds"
    What are this mystery seeds? They are Mystery Mushroom, Mystery Sprout, and Mystery Egg. You can get this as a drop items when waking up your pets, collecting from animal, chopping down dead trees/bushes, opening mystery box/treasure chest, or from catalog prize, movie ticket, wheel of fortune. Please don't make it available from harvesting, or make it super rare, like one per 1000 chances of drop rate. It can't be sold/bought in RSS and do not use your barn and silo space, just like expansion permits. Every time you get new ones, they go right to your greenhouse storage.

    How do "mystery seeds" work?

    1. Mushroom
    Unlocked at level: ?
    Production time: ? (fastest)
    Ingredients: 1x mystery mushroom/1x mini mushroom, 20x wheat
    Products: 1x mushroom and 1x mini mushroom

    The mystery mushroom would be a log with some unidentified green or violet mushrooms grow on it. To identify the species, you click your greenhouse, click a slot, it will gives you 3 options, of course you have to choose mushroom icon. First production of a mushroom needs a mystery mushroom and 20 wheat for the growing media (it's actually straw, but close enough I think).

    At the end of production, you get 1 mushroom and 1 mini mushroom that goes right into silo. You could use the regular mushroom to produce other food, like pizza etc. You can sell regular mushroom and mini mushroom in the RSS. Mini mushroom is something you need to grow another mushroom if you don't have any mystery mushrooms left. If you still have mystery mushroom left, every mushroom production will be automatically use the mystery mushroom instead mini mushroom.

    Once mushroom production finish, if mystery mushroom involved, a popup photo of species will appear, just like when you're fishing. Every new species goes right into the book.

    The cool thing is, you could see the mushroom grow from little one mushroom to big mushroom groups as the production going. Say one mushroom needs 1 hour to grow, and mushroom has 4 phase, that means you can see the the mushroom appearance changes every 15 minutes.

    2. Exotic Flower
    Unlocked at level: ?
    Production time: ? (fast)
    Ingredients: 1x mystery sprout/1 flower sprout, 5x coal ore
    Product: 1x exotic flower and 1 flower sprout

    Same concept as mushroom. Mystery sprout and flower sprout have different colors/shape. Flower appearance of finished product should be orchid and one other exotic flower (I love orchids). Why use coal ore? We have plenty of it already, please make it useful for something else than refined coal. Flower growing media is charcoal though, but we get bacon in weird way, I guess coal can substitute charcoal. Both exotic flower and flower sprout goes into silo.

    3. Butterfly
    Unlocked at level: ?
    Production time: ? (slow)
    Ingredients: 1 mystery egg/1 butterfly egg, 2x raspberry, 2x blackberry
    Products: 1 silk cocoon, 1 butterfly egg, butterfly (fly/disappear after production with epic animation)

    Same concept as two above. The game don't have mulberry bush to feed the worm, but I guess we could use other berries as substitutes. The butterfly of course has 4 phase, egg, larva, pupa, imago (please make the larva as cute as possible, we don't want creepy larva). The last phase is when the butterfly emerged from cocoon, it will stay on top of cocoon until you click it. The butterfly will fly as the popup photo appear. Butterfly egg and silk cocoon goes into barn.


    New products we can produce:

    1. Mushroom:
    mushroom and bacon pizza
    mushroom noodle/udon
    mushroom pasta
    mushroom soup
    grilled mushroom
    mushroom and onion quiche/frittata
    mushroom sushi/onigiri
    mushroom rice bowl
    mushroom burger
    mushroom sandwich
    mushroom salad

    2. Exotic flower
    exotic bouquet
    festive/exotic wreath
    cake with flower decorations
    exotic candle
    flower hats
    flowering tea (it's dried flower wrapped with tea leaves, if you pour hot water on it, it will open like blossoming flower)

    3. Silk cocoon (must goes to loom first to make silk fabric)
    silk handkerchief
    fancy cape/royal cape
    silk dress
    silk bag/pouch
    silk kimono/yukata
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    I'm sorry for grammatical errors. English is not my first language.

    Everyone is welcome to add new ideas here. Like price, unlocked at level, production time, amount of diamonds needed to upgrade slot, new products, etc. I will add your idea in first page.

    I almost forgot, once you had finish your collection books, you will get new exclusive decoration/statue as rewards. Or better, 1 decoration per section, so will be 3 decorations.
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    Dam this is a reel full thinked idea! Nice job!!! Especially the butterfly home... Collect them would be really great!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theONEdada View Post
    Dam this is a reel full thinked idea! Nice job!!! Especially the butterfly home... Collect them would be really great!!!!
    Thank you ONEdada! You can add ideas too!! Maybe one of your favorite butterflies, to be added in collection books?

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    es muy buena idea los joven ahora es si te oiran tu peticion supercell que pides :Pulgares hacia arriba:

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    Quote Originally Posted by DANXXX View Post
    es muy buena idea los joven ahora es si te oiran tu peticion supercell que pides :Pulgares hacia arriba:
    Welcome to the forums. These forums are English only. You are welcome to provide a translation in English.

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    Good job putting so much thought in it and providing your examples. The greenhouse has been suggested in the past and it has been added to the no immediate plans but maybe someday section of requests. You can see these in the sticky at the top. So don’t lose hope as it’s not been completely ruled out. I think one day we will get one.
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