Looking for a loyal clan to hang out with?

War twice a week .... Clan Games ..... Active clan ..... Friendly & Supportive .... 20vs+ Wars
Recruiting active adult players TH8's and up. We are an established laid-back adult war clan with a relaxed attitude and casual atmosphere. Made up of a friendly solid core group of loyal active members we are looking for active players to join us and be part of our team. We may not chat as much as other clans but we do love to war!!

We arenít diehards and play the game for fun but we are serious about winning wars. We donít win them all, that'd just be boring, but we do have a damn good time trying.

We understand that there is life outside of Clash. Opt in or out of war there is no pressure to war all the time, however we do expect our members to partcipate in one war a week.

Our crew are from all walks of life with a majority being from the US. We do joke around from time to time and yes, sometimes we do swear.

We war twice a week.
War searches are Sunday and Thursday evenings US Central time.

If you are looking for an active clan this might be the one for you.
Send us a request and please type either
DDB or forum in your game join request otherwise you will be rejected.

Clan: Doom Drop Bebop
Clan Tag: #YLQRU9QQ
Clan Level: 12

We donít have many rules, but we do ask:

∑ Must be 18+
∑ Must speak English.
∑ Minimum TH8 maxed.
∑ Be active, request and donate whenever you can.
∑ Be respectful to clan members.
∑ Give us your best in war, thatís all we ask.
∑ If you commit to war, you must use both your attacks (we do take missed attacks seriously -
you won't last long in our clan if you keep missing wars)
. Most importantly enjoy yourself and have fun.

We look forward to clashing with you!!