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Thread: Bad matches

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    Bad matches

    Anyone else continuously getting bad matches? This war we got to face a clan with 3 engineers one of which was in second last place (14th) yet three starred 5 and high two starred 4. Iím really really sick of this suituation. We donít have any engineers yet this is happening,also why are they always Chinese and Arab clans...Come on supercell fix it for god sakes

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    It would be a lot easier to see why you are constantly matched with engineered clans if you post your clan tag and describe your war roster.

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    Probably at work not working clearly. Doh!
    Wrong sub-forum and can't say diddly squat without you showing us your line up.

    But I'm sure it will be contributing to the cause of your matchups. Just my opinion of course.

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    Share your clan tag and/or roster information and we can help you. Otherwise it's just a shot in the dark.

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