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    Farming is great for me. Im sitting in titan one and regularly hit 600/600+ bases and get a very nice loot bonus. It will be tougher for you though as you are a new 12 and all of us that upgraded with the update didnt struggle through the faze of bases stronger than our own. I am currently max on offense and getting very close to max on defense. There are still a ton of players below me in terms of progression. Loot is great but may be a bit challenging to get for new 12s. Dont let that stop you though. I love th12 more than th11. I still have a max 11 because I love th11 so much. Th12 is more challenging as it should be.

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    sleeping inside your TH
    working to max your heroes would help you both farming and waring...but the final choice is can jump to th12 for defending TH and seige machines too

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    If you are okay with sitting out of war or war without heroes my suggestion would be this

    Move to th12

    Use de army with BK & AQ in champ league to Max your camps, brks, warden and miner

    Use max miner army with warden in Titan league to Max your BK, AQ and de troops.

    Best way to farm in th12 in my opinion

    You may have to sit out of wars for quite a long time but it is definitely worth it. Currently I have max heroes and all war troops maxed and I get minimum 5 stars against almost max defense Th12s in every war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babulus View Post

    in a few weeks my TH11 base will be maxed. Important lab upgrades are done. King is at lv 30, queen at lv 40, warden at lv 20. Aprox. 100 walls pieces are at lv 12, rest is at lv 11.

    I'm now not sure yet, if I should move on to TH12 when my last defence is maxed or if I should farm at TH11 until my walls are maxed and maybe getting my queen to lv 50. On one side it'll be nice not to lose building and lab time on the other side it's more effective to farm as a TH11 and easier to max my walls.

    What do you think? How is farming as a TH12?
    I am a mildly rushed TH12, plaing in Titans, using lix heavy armies (electro drags). I have significant problems with both gold and dark, in that I just can't spend them fast enough. They are always overflowing before I have available builders or lab.

    Lix is of course slower, but I still make goid profits, even there.
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    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
    My stats (main account)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMechEngin View Post
    The honest truth is, because TH12 is still relatively new, farming is.... Lean-ish? It's certain not as lucrative as TH11. You're hero levels are a little low if you have max defence and you war. I've farmed TH12 from Legend to low Masters. The frequency of attacks and the size/power and frequency of assaults seems pretty much the same no matter what league I'm in. This is because there is so many new 12's starving for resources. If you are just bored with 11 and you don't war much, go for it and upgrade. But be advised farming is a bit leaner. So it's advisable to push up to Titan+ so the loot bonus helps with the insane amount of resources required to do anything. But in all honestly, if you are not completely maxed with your offensive troops levels(this includes heroes) I'd hold off until you are. Max Xbows can eat through a QW pretty fast, and although you're offence is significant, max defences also pose a real obstacle to under levelled troops and heroes. That said, when I was in lower trophs, I saw tonnes and tonnes of rush job 12's. But they were mostly broke busted junk. I'm pushing back up to Legends now, cause games are ending and I want to grab a few more forever trophies, but mostly loot fraught has me headed back into the clouds. Spamming mass miners all day long to feed the glutinous royals.

    It's not the truth....
    I think, the problem not is if is new or not...the problem TH11 you can open a lot of th11 and a LOT of th12 you can open just th11 or 12...and few th10 ...but, attacck a th10 it's a suicide for loot %.
    If you don't play at th11, you don't play at th12 stop.
    Strange thing....with th11 i find a lot of th11 dead base in crystal, with update....some dead base are disappeared.....and that's the truth .....
    I have a second village, a TH11 and same hour of same day, there's a big differenze between th12 and 11, same league ....

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    it depends upon you if you want to war or push or just farm.

    from my perspective, you should not rush the last th level. i do farm wars so its like doing no wars so it doesn't matter but still i dont recommend rushing last th.

    i play in lower leagues farming dead bases(i even skip 200k each bases, i only take 300k each or higher bases) with queenwalk and/or giagob. i focus on most loot per hr. so for that, rushing last th is not good cuz of the loot penalty. you will hav to skip longer and your "per hr" efficiency will end up closer to heavy army raiders.

    but if you dont like raiding in lower leagues and prefer heavy army farming, then you should rush as most of the times you will get 400k each or 500k each or better bases plus the league bonus.
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    speculation is the only thing we can do until anything is official. thats what the forums are for

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