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Thread: New Unicorn Troop

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    New Unicorn Troop

    Can you guys please add a unicorn 🦄 Iíve been waiting for one since the game first came out in 2012 and the troop should charge and hit a line of 5 or 6 walls and every level you upgrade it, it breaks a second row of walls and to keep it from being op it should cost like 10,000 or 30,000 elixir (not dark elixir itís not a dark creature) And take 30min to 1hr to train and you guys already have a horse model from the prince in battle so you can move the hair back so you can see itís eyes and maybe give it teal eyes and have rainbow hair but if you can add teal and pink so itís red, orange yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, pink and tail color the same too and if you can make the horn spiral and shiny gold or pearly shiny gold color, big white horse (maybe big enough for the barbarian king or archer queen to ride), black hoofs and now that I made it this far I kind of want it to have a speacial power like how a dragon breathes fire I want it to do something with its horn rather than just charge into things like when you spawn the unicorn far away from the base itís horn glows and has a cool sound and maybe you can see colors in it and then thereís a cool magical explosion after you hit a row of walls and if you guys end up changing its attack Iím ok with it as long as it looks like I said it should and if itís in the game Iíll be happy, as I was doing itís stats I came up with another idea that the unicorn can shoot a magical rainbow laser from its horn straight across the base doing damage to everything in the path of the magic laser and a lot like the inferno dragon, charges and damage gets stronger the longer itís alive until it reaches maximum power and itís not a charge then shoot itís a shoot and charges and gets slightly bigger as it charges and you hear it, and please make it a light troop not dark, plus an awesome idea from Marianna that the unicorn has wings and flies so itís a pegicorn (but keeps its rainbow hair and tail hair) and also heals troops But can also make them invincible for like 10 seconds and to even it all out make the training cost high and troop space high too or maybe only have one per battle or something, Thank you. (Shout out to Thanos and Marianna from Supercell thanks)

    DPS: 500+ depending on charging speed (or maybe infinite or max damage 1000 until someone destroys it before it reaches it maximum power a lot like the inferno dragon but shoots a magical rainbow laser straight across the base and keeps doing damage)
    HP: 3000
    TC: 23,000E or 25,000E
    TT: 9min

    Favorite target: Walls and airborne enemies (any)
    Damage type: Magic Laser
    Targets: ground & air
    Housing space: 30 or 35 (or just 1 per battle if you use the horn power)
    Movement speed: 35 or 40

    The Unicorn, both magical and mythical and is no stranger to battle. Stronger in numbers but can go toe to toe with any creature and come out on top by either using its magical charging attack and or itís magical rainbow laser and obliterate anything in its path but only when it needs to.
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    First of all, this is a wall wrecker on steroids. Second of all, builder base troops have abilities, but normal village troops do not and most likely will not. This troop is also way too complex considering all other troops are simple. I know this took lots of work, and it’s a cool idea, but I just don’t think it has enough original elements.

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    It didnít take lots of work it was just literally 5mins of thinking and most of it making an account here and posting it which took most of the time but I see what you mean and Iím glad someone actually replied the same day I posted this thanks, and I already talked to someone from supercell and he liked it and said if it was just popular enough it would make it in the game because they already like the idea and wanted it here on the forum to be more legit I guess and go through the process and of course they would more likely change its attack and stats but at the end of the day Iíll be happy with a unicorn in the game.
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