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Thread: What to do??

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    What to do??

    I am th9 not the max one many defenses are left to upgrade and in lab spells and dark troops are left some elixr troops is also there but I don't use them that's why I don't upgrade them. Actually I am bored of playing COC because of being th9 from a long time in past I rushed my th8 to th9 for getting Queen (as many people rushed to th12 for siege machine. I know most of people did it in their 2nd account for donation but I have only 1 account). Now, I have maxed th8 all things done only hogs, minions and valk left. I am currently upgrading valk in lab and it's going to lvl 3 after clan games end. My king and queen level is not that much good as I have maxed th8 my king is at lvl 10 and queen is at lvl 11 going to lvl 12 ( I know my heroes is at low level because after getting Queen lvl 8 I focused to max th8 first so I spent all the dark in king) some main troops like giant, loons, witch and lava are at max lvl of th9 lab 1 more lvl of wiz, healer, drag and pekka left these are also good troops I also use them so I will upgrade them as soon as possible. Now, come at the main point that I am bored of playing COC (reason is above) and now I want to move on th10 so I can play with some new content of th10. I don't care about war because I don't play wars (last time I played war almost 2 months ago). Now days I farm too much and using army boost 2 time a day and in 1 hour I can farm about 6 million gold and elixr and about 30k dark so, I think will not struggle at th10 that much and I will have fun again to play in new TH level. I have too much time to farm because I don't have any work to do for 1 and a half month and enjoying my holiday so I can handle the new TH. What do you guys think should I move?? As I'm getting bored and upgrading my TH level will help me to play it with more joy.

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    Main struggle you will face as a th10 will be with those low heroes.

    If you go, prioritise upgrading those before anything else
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    Please dont be bored. Please upgrade it to th10 fast. And hurry towards th11 fast too. Thank you very much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveoUk View Post
    Main struggle you will face as a th10 will be with those low heroes.

    If you go, prioritise upgrading those before anything else
    I will let them down every time until they become lvl 30 after that I will use only books to upgrade them. I don't have any problem with farming dark I can farm 30k dark in 1 boost and if I use 2-3 boost a day then it can go to 60k-90k dark.

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    First thing i would do is find one of these.

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