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    2nd rank gobally

    hey clashers , I was following the guy who was rank 1 , 2 on globally , also was following his channel on youtube and yesterday he was blocked and and I can not see his account on ranking anymore , his name was [Removed By Moderator] .
    iam just curious to know the block reason
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    it is not allowed to discuss ban on the forums as per forum rules

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    right behind you
    whatch his latest video. all i understand is "banned" the rest sounds like scatman john.😝 hvugvngfuzvjgjzg

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    No clue about location....doubting if i am really alive.....only a voice within me speaks
    banned. ReasOn Dnt knw and disscussion is not allowed here

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    He could have done something that would've violated ToS purchasing/selling gems from outside of game, botting/modding, scamming other players accounts, etc etc :V

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    ...And then the spell was cast.
    Main forum rule 19: "You may not discuss publicly any (disciplinary) actions taken by staff, moderators or support such as banning, closing forum threads, deleting forum posts / threads etc. Also, posting publicly any private messages / emails, regardless of topic, you have received from either staff, moderators or support is prohibited."


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