Come join The Gravy Train - Tag #222GPCJV

We are an English speaking neighborhood looking for new, active members. Required level is 70.

We have members in Hawaii, England, and the Mainland USA. Looking for active members in town and derby is optional. When you choose to do derby, it is usually just for fun to earn extra rewards. Sometimes we may choose to go for all max point tasks, but will bring that up in the neighborhood chat is that is wanted.

There are a couple of us that do a barn and silo upgrade rotation. This is how it works: each person interested in being in the rotation is added on a list. When it is your turn to upgrade, we give our upgrade materials to the person upgrading. Once they upgrade, it goes to the next person. If you have upgrade materials the person upgrading needs, you give to them. This is completely optional, but it helps to upgrade faster and keep our barns with a little more room.

Most members have upgraded all their land spots (except the ones needing expansion permits), so we are always willing to help new members with deeds, stakes, and mallets.

We are very helpful (when we can catch each other on) and utilize the neighborhood requests to help each other.

I am the leader and located in Hawaii. I'm always looking for members on the same time so we can help each other as much as possible. Also, members located on the mainland USA or England, or anywhere would really be great. Please be a town helper. Hope to see you soon.