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Thread: Idea for new troop.

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    Lightbulb Idea for new troop.

    It is a specialized troop that you can place into battle to aid your troops it can be used in war only for leader, co-leader, and elders.It can only be accessed if you town hall is level 6 or 7 above, 8 and 9 you can get a different kind a specialized troop,10 and 11 a different specialized troop, and for 12 you get the best and last specialized troop.This is just an idea and would love to hear feedback and other ideas to progress the idea.

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    This is the vaguest idea I've seen. What exactly does it do? And why should it only be available for ranked members? Everyone would just promote their war players to elder so that they can get this troop, so it should just be available to anyone regardless of their rank in the clan.

    Now onto the more important part, what is this troop exactly? How does it aid your other troops? What are its stats?
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    You canít just drop an idea like this and not explain it. Very vague and need more info.

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    so...where is your idea???

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