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Thread: Unlimited Purchase of Fields

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    Unlimited Purchase of Fields

    At this moment HayDay has a limited amount of {Fields} one can purchase. This makes the process of completing and leveling up longer. There are certain crops that require more time to Harvest, causing one to wait to complete a task. This can cause a player to lose interest in the game. This game is fun & addicting which is great but this specific problem can cause one to become bored with it.

    Having {Unlimited and or an increase to at least 10 Fields per level } would engage the player us farmers to continue playing by completing task and making leveling up easier. I myself get intuned when playing and there are times that unfortunately I catch myself just waiting with nothing else to do and or leaving the game to come back hours later. This could be avoided by something as simple as my suggestion, the more fields the more crop and money one can make.

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    I disagree. It's not like you could save your fields in the storage.

    I can't imagine one's farm full of fields and only plant wheat, the DD will be full of wheat and wheat and wheat.

    I never wait crops, just leave the tomatoes for few hours, do laundry and buy groceries

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    This is a resource management game, if you could have unlimited amounts of anything the game would be ruined.
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