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Thread: Derby task expiring 2 hours after picking

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    Derby task expiring 2 hours after picking

    With the current derby I have choosen 2 tasks that have expired after 2 hours. The tasks were the taco and the hot dog tasks and they both had plenty of time to complete when I picked them but expired after only 2 hours. The taco task was for 375 points making 13 tacos. And the hot dog task was 400 points making 27. The hot dog tasks I selected at 630am CST today and before 830am CST today it said expired. It needs to be fixed and we need our tasks reset please.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum Scottyp. These were blossom tasks that have a maximum time of 3 days from when it was first taken by a hoodmate. So it’s possible that a hoodmate had taken the task, and it goes back on the board. At the point level 2 of your hoodmate had done the task for tacos, and at least 3 had done the hot dog task. So it is quite possible that these tasks had reached their 3 day limit.

    If you feel like you actually had enough time left on these tasks, please contact support thru the game. However, Support will not reset tasks during a derby. Attach any screenshots you may have to help your situation.
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