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Thread: Derby problem

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    Derby problem

    l had to do 11 tasks and still got 3110 points. Did someone got the same problem with derby?

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    Hi and welcome Mario, there have been times when for some reason the task you have just completed will not ‘end’, and the game wants you to do it again. I have had this happen. However you only get credit for that task one time.

    You may want to send a message to support to let them know that this problem occurred. There will not be much they can do, but it does let them know this issue is continuing. Thank you.
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    Hi Momscar,

    Thank you for your kind reply. My level is 188. I play for a long time and the situation with derby like this never happened. The problem is new. I had to do 11 tasks, not ten and the points were not included. I always do tasks at least for 320 points.

    I cannot find the way to contact support of the game. I could only find this forum. If someone can please write email adress of support of Hay Day.

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    For out of game support...

    for in game support, follow instructions here...é
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