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Thread: Destroying Max Th12s with new meta bases?

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    Destroying Max Th12s with new meta bases?

    Whatís the top current armies for wrecking 12s? Iíve been using qw..bowitch but itís not getting the 3 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ On the regular basis it used to. Basically Iím looking for inspiration of worthwhile attacks to learn.

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    Seems to me that most top players and CWL are using edrags in one variation or another.

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    Since TH12 dropped I think I’ve been tripled twice, one was the first week the wrecker came out and showed weakness of old base. The other was last week with EDrag Loons & clone. That was just after an 87% 1 star with EDrag loon and rage. Both attacks used 60/60/30 heroes.

    we don’t fight the strongest high level wars or I’d get tripled more I’m sure. But Edrags and loons seem to have the best chance at 3 right now but they can get 1 when things don’t go just right. Bowler based attacks seem to be a pretty safe 2 with chance for 3 if things break right.
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    Klavs right, Unfortunately.

    These edrags attacks don't need alot of finesse and very effective.. yaaaaaa, Th7 all over again.

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    I've had occasional luck with 11 giants 10 witches 17 bowlers 3 archers to top off. Bowlers in cc. Key is max clone when ww gets to th. Gw protecting ww when it gets heavy fire. Has a lot to do with luck though. I've also been 3 starred with bowitch n common thread was max clone

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    Personally I do really really good with Lavaloon. I like air attacking. E drags are good against the right base. They will get you a high 2 star on most bases. Most attacks if done right will give you a high 2 star at worst, assuming max troops and good/max heroes. I see gibowitch still doing good, but not 3 starring like it used to early in TH12, it seemed unstoppable back then. I don't think e drags are OP, you can easily design a base to stop them, but it opens you up to other attacks, which I like now.

    I don't think there is any super Op 3 star attack right now. Most armies CAN 3 star the right base, which is a good balance. I see bases with the ADs right at the edge of the base, easy to pick off, with multi infernos and sweepers facing the same direction. Yes, you are gonna get 3 starred by e drags. E drags are probably the most spammy troop you can use to 3 star. Don't even need to pull the CC or get the AQ, so good against all these bases now with those buried deep.
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