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Thread: Holiday decor

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    Holiday decor

    For holidays decor for houses trucks and market. Halloween, Thanksgiving Christmas ect

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    I’m ready to start decorating for Halloween let’s do it a month before so we can enjoy the items we purchase!

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    Completely agree! Just posted for Hay Day. ����������

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    My Halloween decs have been out for the last 2 weeks 🎃🎃🎃

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    Yepp,my Decoration is placed too already I like the idea of having more time with the seasonal decorations. Makes no sense to me to have it on my Farm for one day/week only.. for example i put up Halloween/Fall decorations NOW on my farm even tho it still takes one Month for the actual Event..thatís how I can enjoy all the amoozing Decorations I got over the Time
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    Just peaked at Gregs farm and i see lots of fall decos so we might get some diamond package soon i hope with them.

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    Yes. Please HayDay, have an earlier release of holiday items. New farmers added daily. I have out what I bought last year, but would love to add more.

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    Next week sounds early enough for Halloween, but please, please, do not start with Christmas just yet. I am not yet ready to let go of summer.

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