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Thread: Meet the Farmer: Colleen

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    Meet the Farmer: Colleen

    What a great video.

    For anyone that hasnít seen it, check the news icon in game. It features an everyday haydayer from St. Louis.

    Loved watching this. Colleen is a lovely woman with interesting comments on the game. I thoroughly enjoyed this small glimpse into her life.

    Well done Colleen and Supercell.

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    They have a few more like that posted too! Loved watching them all.

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    Watching the video with Colleen should really connect with players. Sometimes we forget all the wonderful things there are in HayDay. Colleen’s outlook on the game is very positive.

    I hope that Colleen is a forum member and maybe she can chime in if she sees this.
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    Yup, it was great to watch and I really connected with it in some way. Thanks for sharing it Hay Day!

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