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Thread: What tasks is everybody getting for blossom tasks

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    Quote Originally Posted by WussyPuss View Post
    What difference does it make if the lowest ranked player can’t do a blossom task?
    Wuss if you’re trying to be competitive, that’s one less 400 point task you can score. For my hood, the best possible score was to have no more than 10 blossom tasks and have every player do it once. 10x 320, 10x 350, 10x 375 and 190x 400. If someone can do a selected blossom task it means an 11th blossom task is needed which starts from 320. Plus in a smaller hood where maybe only 3 blossom tasks are running at once, it’s frustrating for one or two players to sit waiting while others complete their blossom tasks and trash them for new ones, not good for team spirit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Llabyrint View Post
    Xtalline or someone else, what is the trick to delete that fast without throwing diamonds at Supercell?
    I believe I have read all relevant topics, but didn't see it.
    Llabyrint, I read about this tip (sorry can't remember who gave the tip so I can give proper credit) and I don't remember the specifics, but this is how it works. Just before you delete an unwanted blossom task (either everyone has done it or you just don't want it for whatever reason), delete all the non-blossom tasks about every 30 seconds. You'll have to wait the usual 29 minutes for the first blossom task to appear. If you delete it, the next blossom task will appear in 30 seconds, etc. etc. You can keep deleting every 30 seconds until you end up with a blossom task that you like.

    Maybe 30 seconds is too short for you and hoodies to make a decision whether to keep it. But you get the idea? As PedrosPlotThickens pointed out, if you don't have your quota of blossom tasks, the next task that shows up will be a blossom task.

    My problem is my partner wasn't around to tell me which task is do-able for her. She kept disappearing to answer phone calls.

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    Xtalline, ty for your clear answer, André

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    Hi Steve, you are right. Why would any NH take a blossom task that a low level farms cannot complete. I thought the idea of the blossom derby was that apart from the first three times taken that every task was then 400

    the answer to the post question is 9 easy farming tasks and a help task
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