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Thread: Boat Booster Bug

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    Boat Booster Bug

    Hi I don't know if this also happens to anyone, but I think one of boat boosters has bug in it.

    I just filled and sent a boat in my mini farm, and then found "boat arrives faster 20% for 18 hours" in mystery box. Few minutes later I decided to use the booster. I checked my dock and the timer shows "boat arriving in 45 minutes"

    I think the timer is wrong. It should only gives 48 minutes faster for next boat, so it should shows "3H12min"

    Please fix this, I'm still making violet dress in machine, if the boat arrives much faster like this I can't fill any of the crates!! Just kidding, I'm happy this happens to me, but fix this bug ASAP, seriously.

    Farm tag #POJJYGPCJ <= I'm not sure that's O letter or 0 zero, but go check my farm for the bug.

    22 minutes left before next boat.. Will update soon.
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    Additional info: I used 25% faster boat booster just yesterday or the day before, it showed right time with 1 hour time discount, just worked fine.

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    Okay, the boat came, I filled and sent it. New boat comes in 3H12min. It backs to normal.

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