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Thread: more room to write on message board

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    more room to write on message board

    it would be nice to have more room to write stuff on the nh message board. 3 messages (at however many characters are allowed now), is not quite enough, in my opinion. i like to use the message board to try and explain derby strategies and rules or friendly reminders, because on the regular chat it often gets lost. but i find i never have enough room to write
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    This has been mentioned before. I’m all in favour of it. AND I’d really appreciate it if they could provide us with an edit function. Sooo annoying when you want to make a small alteration and have re enter the whole text.

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    In addition to the extended message it would be great if it notified everyone of the new message just like you get a notification for your boat arriving or all crops have grown etc..
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    🙋🙋🙋one vote for each idea

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    I agree. 3 msgs is not enough. A good hood will have several coleaders needing to post.

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    and one vote from me to idea

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    +1 from me,

    And also the option that the NH leader can write a message that is always pinned at the top. So new members can read that first.

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    I agree! & agree with adding an edit feature too.

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