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Thread: Level 110 looking for none derby hood

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    Level 110 looking for none derby hood

    Back after a year player level 110 looking for a none derby relaxed hood ty.

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    Hi Cobi

    We do play derby but we also welcome people who do not want to take part.

    We are a bunch of farmers from the UK, USA and Asia, levels 20 to 95.

    We are invite only, so if you are interested and want to join us or just drop in for a visit I would need your farm tag.

    Happy to answer any questions you have.

    We are the Wonkey Donkey's tag#JJYPGRJ should you want to look us up.


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    Hi Cobi! you just want to be in a hood and just play and help out for now?
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    Amarillo by mornin come join us #990jqv9p

    We are a balanced , friendly neighborhood. We play derby a little diffrent. Every other week we play just for horseshoes which is a little laid back. Other derby we play regular derbies which is for the prizes of top 3. We understand the need to opt-out when you need to.New member need to be level 25 to join. We also work and make changes as a group. We ask two things from you..

    1. Be courteous and say “ thank you” when you buy from others shop or when someone helps with boats, waters ect...
    say “your welcome” we understand that is not always conductive when doing truck tasks ect but once your done we appreciate it.
    2. We also use Kik it’s a free app and it does not send you unsolicited messages. We use this to communicate with one another and bettter help each other.

    Come by and meet us and say “Hello” see if our group is what your looking for♥

    Thank you!! Hope to see y’all there

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