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Thread: looking for a strong derby hood

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    looking for a strong derby hood

    ***Wanted Forever Hood***

    I am a lvl103 derby playing Farmer I do 320/400 x10

    I am looking for a serious derby hood where the team communicates in special derbies to achieve Bingos, max points on Blossom and to get the WIN!

    I believe in sharing BEMS, TEMS, SEMS AND LEMS

    I Believe in helping to fill crates but to also post in DD to help save the hood resources

    I like to chat but know sometimes you cant chat everyday so please no silent hoods

    I donít like hoods with needy people!

    The hood needs to communicate in English

    I don't raid my neighbors RSS

    I donít trade items outside our hood

    No Drama Please

    Adult hood only

    If you think I might be a good fit for your hood please contact me with a PM

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    Come check out ABreak From The Norm, you sound like a perfect fit for our hood, a warm welcome is awaiting you

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    Hi, sent pm.

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    PM on it’s way
    Leader JT Legend #J2JOLG2
    Broken the mystical 100 champions league golds ďTeam first, my barn is your barnĒ
    recruitment ad

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    Just sent u a pm

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    - American hood
    - Not very chatty, only interact during derby or on Facebook
    - Triumph by Thursday, win by Friday policy
    - Currently 9 Players, 4 Opted in
    - Die hard town players
    - total cups: 71 gold 18 silver 0 bronze
    - Champions Leaderboard : always between 400 and 1000

    Farm#1: Level 143, Town: 44, Barn: 12650, Silo: 12000
    Farm#2: Level 102, Town: 28, Barn: 5000, Silo: 5000
    Google+ | Facebook | KiK sabine.khan98
    Hood Recruiting 102+ Level Farms - Tag: #8UCUVU8V

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    🦄We have magical unicorns and rainbows! We have gone where no man has gone before! We have 67 Championship Gold!❤️Come join us lol ❤️
    We are currently finished with our Blossom Derby and in first place! Our group has amazing teamwork

    ❤Hi! I am Gina, leader of the wonderful neighborhood called Farming Fools! If you are looking for a fun place to hang out while farming, come join us!

    We have been active since 2014! Almost 4 years ago we formed this great neighborhood! 📅

    We have won 64 golden trophies 🏆🏆We are
    amazing & awesome!!! 🐎🐎🐎 You can be too!

    If you are active, chatty and helpful, please consider joining our group. You will be amazed by our generosity and teamwork! 😱

    We are dedicated to running a peaceful and fun neighborhood and committed to making sure all of our fellow members needs are met!

    Championship league is where we like to be and everyone finishes all nine tasks at minimum of 310 pts.10th is always optional

    We are team players with great communication! We are looking for like minded team players. Humor is mandatory!🐧
    **The leader may always be bribed with a glass of wine 🍷***

    Please be at least level 45 😀

    Also be over 21 years old, thank you!

    **Please only have one neighborhood...noone is allowed in having more than one neighborhood.How do people handle more than one anyways?!

    Please request to join our private Facebook group under the same name of Farming Fools! If you choose not to join Facebook group then you will be asked to join at least the Messenger. This is so we can communicate and very essential during BINGO derby week 🏬

    Search for Farming Fools! Dont forget the ! at the end and request in!

    Please be courteous upon joining by introducing yourself.
    We always look forward to meeting new members! 😍
    After joining our Facebook or messenger and reading the nh guidelines you will immediately be made an elder.

    Nh id is #GLLPRUU


    Love to meet you soon!❤❤❤

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    Hi I'm currently looking for new people to join our neighborhood.

    We are an English speaking, multi-national neighbourhood and have people at various levels up to level 116.

    I am looking for someone with excellent Derby experience. Someone who just doesn't sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else work.

    We are very Derby active and generally look for tasks at the 320 level.

    We trade amongst ourselves for BEMS, SEMS and LEMS. We generally help each other during Derbys in order to make tasks go quicker so we can move onto the next one as quickly as possible.

    Our top players always take a 10th task but this is optional should you wish to do it.

    We are a chatty neighbourhood but often during the start of the Derby we are very focused and chat may dwindle slightly as we will be in full concentration mode lol.

    We have a FB group where we chat, have a laugh and talk hay day.

    I hope you will be able to join us. We look forward to meeting you soon.

    Our tag is


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