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Thread: Wrong Contest Prize

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    Wrong Contest Prize

    This is NOT a complaint.......merely an observation.

    After 32 hours of a 96 hour boat contest, we are running approximately 10,000 boats-an-hour fewer than needed to achieve the goal of 14,000,000 boats.

    If SC had made a new deco the prize, rather than 10 diamonds, folks would've been calling boats all day long.

    As it is, no one is going to spend diamonds to win fewer diamonds.

    Just a thought.
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    My boats only contain rare items whenever there‘s a boat event. Feathers, lobster, stuff no one will sell or take longer than 4 hours, or the classics like bread, cream, brown sugar. It‘s just not worth the effort for me personally.

    As soon as the event is over, I‘ll get doable orders again.

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    It’s a little early to write off the global boat event and I will be happy to take 10 free diamonds.

    not everyone calls boats
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    Boat events always request at least one same products for each NH member. We ran out cherry jams and blackberry jams, also syrups because our boats ask for same thing at same time. Also with cream cakes and cheese cakes, blue sweaters, and more.

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    I got 3 times hamburger orders today, in a row. Why??

    10/12 personal event goals. After I finished this, I won't do boats except for puzzle piece for a long long time.... jk maybe 1 week lol
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    3,825’s true. I hired Tom, so I’m spending a boatload of diamonds to get 10 diamonds.

    Even an if they only offered the deco prize intermittently, I’d be delighted. It wouldn’t even have to be something new. I think it would be ideal if the global prize were an item that had previously only been available as a diamond deco purchase. Can you imagine how frantically a lot of us would be filling boats?? I bought a diamond deco tent, but the Dibley chickens would love a second tent so they could have a real “hen party”. A set of one of the special offer fences?

    I never do do boats except for puzzle boats and events for the threshold prizes if I feel like going beyond the global minimum.

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