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Thread: What do y'all think of the 3 star rate?

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    What do y'all think of the 3 star rate?

    I've been pleasantly surprised at how many 3 stars I've been able to pull off lately against maxed out defenses, excluding walls. I don't push and have a tendency to forget to attack (which means I'm losing out on loot for maxing out my walls), unless clan games are active, so I stay below 4500 until towards the end of the season. The bases probably have bad designs, and it also seems to be luck at times.

    I kind of expect the 3 star if a defense is down or just after a season reset and the opponent's defenses are not maxed. Whenever I do get a 3 star I'll look back over enemies base to verify if a defense was not maxed. If it's all maxed then I will happily post to clan chat that I was happy to get a 3 star.
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    i cant remember the last time i 3d or was 3d ... and i am only at about 4500. if i get in the 70s i am confident, if i get in the 50s i am very worried, seems to be mostly in that band for me.

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