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Thread: TH 11 - Upgrade order

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    TH 11 - Upgrade order

    After being a TH 10 player for years, I finally decided to upgrade to TH 11.
    I have maxed all the troops and buildings but my AQ is 35 and BK is 27.

    Please let me know the order of upgrades for TH 11.

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    One Builder on the Warden, for 87.5 days.

    Start Camps when Warden passes level 5 or so, as the need for Elixir until then is absurd.
    Upgrade Elixir Storages until Warden has passed level 5.

    CC, Camps and Laboratory should be at the top of your list.

    EA and extra xbow will keep out the riff raff, but beyond that it's all about keeping your Royals down for upgrades untill they are done.

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    Upgrade your warden ASAP to unlock its ability. I finished mine within 6 weeks of becoming a TH11

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    Get the lab done first, then 1 builder on GW, and get at least 1 barrack to 13 to unlock the eddy. Focus on offense/storages first before doing defense.

    Would do this order
    GW to 5
    1 Barrack to 13
    Gold Storages x 4 then Clan Castle
    Elixir Storages x 4
    Army Camps x 4
    3 remaining barracks to 13

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    Quote Originally Posted by avrillavigne View Post
    🤔 i was th 9.
    10months ago
    Now m th 11 with
    Max defence except eagle atileery
    And hereos lvl 29 king
    Lvl 46 queen
    First upgrade your point defence instead of splash damage defence
    So u will get paired with th 10 players
    Keep doing this when u have max point defence
    Start upgrading your air defence and wiz tower and folow up with motar
    As wiz and motar have lots of war weight
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    Offence before defence

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