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Thread: More Bingo Derbies Please?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmallChange View Post
    It’s my last Achievement too & I’d like to get it done.

    i didn’t stop playing after getting all of the available Achievements previously, but combined with other things, I mIght this time...or I might just take a break from the Derby. Playing Solo I can’t take a break unless I accept dropping down the leagues, which I wouldn’t care about these days, BUT then if a BINGO Derby does turn up I won’t be able to get 3 lines unless I’m in the CL. Frustrating.
    I’m 11/20 on my bingo derby achievement. I think mastering the feedmills was easier and that was a huge chore. You can come play with us in the derby. Get it done.

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    I would like the achievement and find bingo derby fun as well so totally agree on this

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    Quote Originally Posted by WussyPuss View Post
    Some people had all achievements completed before the bingo derby was added and they did not stop farming

    then there are many who dont care about achievements. The last one I will get is for generous neighbor 1642/4000 (nobody asks for stuff)

    or since I no longer feed my sanctuary animals... 850/1500

    completing all achievements is not the end game
    For many, indeed the majority, it isn't. But for some it will be, and I am simply saying that I strongly suspect this is the reason for the very low incidence of bingo tasks. Can't think of any other reason.

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    The Bingo Derby is my favorite.

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    I feel that the frequency of the bingo derby is proportionally low compared to the corresponding achievement requirements.

    There are a group of achievements equally challenging.

    Fine line between challenging enough to keep one interested and too challenging causing one not to try (depending on other circumstances, i feel some achievements lean toward the latter)

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